The versatile with multiple anchorage depth

Frame fixing SXRL with countersunk head screw

The fischer frame fixing SXRL with up to three anchorage depths is approved for multiple fixings of non-structural systems in concrete, masonry and aerated concrete with the fischer countersunk screw. The SXRL 10 has also an approval for single-point fixing in concrete and the SXRL 14 for the stand for the stand-off installation of façades under a compression load. In perforated brick masonry, the two expansion zones of the plug apply force evenly; in aerated concrete and solid building materials, they unite to form one long expansion element. This ensures excellent load values. The extensive assortment with diameters of 8, 10 and 14 mm and anchor lengths of up to 360 mm enable diverse applications. The SXRL with the countersunk head screw is particularly recommended for fixing wood constructions.
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Drill diameter
Anchor length
Min. drill hole depth for through fixings
Usable length at anchorage depth 50 mm
Usable length at anchorage depth 70 mm
Usable length at anchorage depth 90 mm
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